What It Takes to Run a Successful Photography Business

If you’re a photographer or a photography marketer, listen up! I sat down with one of the most successful photographers in Atlanta, Andy Brophy who gives us the inside scoop about his daily workflow, specific goals he has for scaling his business, and what it takes to win in the industry.

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Next Steps: 

Are you asking questions like, “What gear should I buy”, “How do I find good light in a shoot”, or “How do I write a proposal”? For the first time, Andy is taking several students under his wing to mentor so they can confidently run a thriving photography business.

Is that person you? If so, learn more about his program, here


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Courtney is a news anchor turned social media manager & content creator.
She loves educating her followers on successfully growing a business, the power of developing a flexible schedule, and mental health.

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