How To Create Content Your Ideal Client Wants

We’ve all been taught being genuine is the key to lasting relationships and self-acceptance. However, how important is it for brands to show their true colors?

A recent survey found 86 percent of people say authenticity is the deciding factor on whether they support a brand or not.

Now more than ever, audiences are yearning for brands to pull back the curtain and share content they can relate to.

So before posting that stunning caption with that captivating image to go with it, you have to ask yourself – why will my audience care about what I’m about to share? If you’re having a hard time answering that question then it’s time to create – or update – your customer avatar.

A customer avatar is a detailed profile of your ideal client. This is vastly different from statistics that disregard the individual and instead, look at your ideal client base as a whole. An avatar, when created correctly, does not make assumptions about a client, but rather focuses on one person and researches everything about them.

Creating Your Customer Avatar

  1. Ask yourself what your ideal client is like and find a picture online with someone who resembles it. Are they a boy or girl? Tall or short? Smiling or stoic?
    Asking yourself these questions isn’t for discrimination but rather, to help you see someone as you’re writing content.
  2. What is their home life like?
    Are they married? Do they have children? Any fur babies?
  3. What is their work-life like?
    What field are they in? Do they own a business? Is this their side gig? Are they remote or craving the work-from-home lifestyle?
  4. What are their biggest pain points?
    In order to create content that resonates with your target audience, you have to know what their biggest struggles are. Do they worry about keeping a steady stream of customers? Is their employee turnover rate a constant struggle? Are they trying to have a better work-life balance? Don’t just assume – start reading articles and join Facebook groups where your ideal clients are expressing their concerns. Then ask yourself, what you can bring to the table to help alleviate their pain.
  5. What are their biggest goals?
    If your ideal client wrote a monthly goals list, what would be at the top? If your service or product isn’t something that can contribute to them reaching one of their top goals, then they won’t see it as a priority investment.

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Courtney is a news anchor turned social media manager, coach, and content creator. She loves helping entrepreneurs and business owners generate new leads from their ideal clients while growing a vibrant presence in the digital world. 

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