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When Are You Most Creative?

When are you most creative?

Do you struggle with coming up with creative thoughts? Or talk yourself out of an idea before you ever write it down? Or are you simply the “loading” sign on your wifi? 

If this is you, then you may not be creating at your optimal time.

We all have optimal times during the day for creativity and it most likely isn’t when you would expect it to be.

Research has shown that when we are the most tired is when our juices really start flowing. The reason? Our cognition and focus play a key role in productivity and staying on task. However, that trait can hinder us from allowing creative thoughts and ideas to form.


Are you still awake at midnight working on that project you’ve been putting off because you thrive under deadlines? You’ll want to create when you wake up in the morning.

Then, take whatever ideas you brainstormed during your “optimal creative” time, and hash them out and make goals to achieve them when you’re in your “optimal-productive” time.The solution? Ask yourself if you perform better in the morning or at night. Are you an early riser and cross 10 items off your to-do list before 9 am? Then, you should leave room to create at night.  

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